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Why is SLooP so good & tasty?

100% goodness

SLooP contains only fruits, vegetables and nothing else. We carefully preserve all the vitamins, nutrients and delicious taste.

Cold pressed

We crush, squeeze, mix the fruits and vegetables at a low temperature, so that the goodness remains high.

No added sugar

Fruits are delicious by nature, and because we love them we don't touch them with any sugar.

0% nasties

We promise with our hand on the grain that our smoothies and juices do not contain dyes, preservatives, additives, added sugar. Not at all, nothing and never!

HPP: cold pascalization technology

We seal the smoothie and juice tightly in bottles, then immerse them in cold water, at very high pressure, which eliminates bacteria and preserves all the goodness of fruits and vegetables. So that the nutrients and vitamins reach you well!

The daily portion of vitamins

It's easy to get 2 of the 5 recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables: You open a SlooP, sip, smile!

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