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Smoothie with Beetroot and Pomegranate (250ml)

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Keep your heart always young and go on the healthiest adventure with a delicious smoothie with Beetroot and Pomegranate.

Ingredients: 30% carrot juice, 25% mashed banana, 23% apple juice, 18% beet juice, 3% pomegranate juice, 1% lemon juice, vitamin C

The benefits of beetroot juice

Beetroot has grown in popularity as researchers have identified links between drinking beetroot juice and lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation and improving athletic performance.

Beetroot has an excellent nutritional profile that includes plenty of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also contains unique bioactive compounds called betalains, which may benefit health.

Beetroot can be eaten raw, as juice, in salad or cooked with other foods such as hummus.

Good nutritional profile

A 100 milliliter (ml) serving of organic beetroot juice, which is the equivalent of a small glass, contains 29 calories, 0 fat and the following nutrients:

  • 0.42 g of protein
  • 7.50g carbs
  • 5.42 g of sugar
  • 0.40 g fiber

Beetroot juice also contains antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, which research has linked to the development of cancer, inflammatory conditions and heart disease.

It can improve athletic performance

Several studies suggest that dietary nitrates such as those found in beets can improve athletic performance.

Beetroot juice could improve endurance by increasing the duration of exhaustion, increasing cardiorespiratory performance and improving the efficiency of athletes.

Promisingly, beetroot juice has been shown to improve cycling performance and increase oxygen consumption by up to 20%.

It is important to remember that blood nitrate levels peak within 2-3 hours of consuming beets or beet juice. Therefore, it is best to consume them a few hours before training or competition to maximize their potential benefits.

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Additional information

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Informații nutriționale 100ml/100g

energetic value 223 kj/ 53 kcal
fats 0,1 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,01 g
carbohydrates 12 g
of which sugars 10 g
dietary fiber 1,3 g
protein 0,7 g
salt 0,065 g
vitamin C 8 mg/ 10 %